My Story


I am a stay at home mom of a child with non-verbal autism and whenever people mentioned to me I should join Scentsy (which was ALOT cause I am ADDICTED) I told them no, I just didn't have time. My son had at least 3 doctors appointments a week and I just didn't see how I could fit in Scentsy. I had tried working outside the home (Totally not possible with the amount of appointments and the difficult challenge of finding a daycare for my son) and I assumed this would be the same.

However, four years ago, I went to Spring Sprint (an annual Scentsy conference) just as a three day vacation from life with one of my best friends, Kyla. And I saw so many moms with stories like mine and they had time for Scentsy. I was very clear with Kyla, that I was only going to do one
Now, four years later, I am a director of an amazing team. I get to work with them every day to change their lives just like Scentsy changed mine! And I earned a Free trips to Las Vegas, Mexico, Nashville, and Europe.

Scentsy has honestly changed my life!!! Frankly, I look back at all the times I told people that I didn't have time for Scentsy and kick my butt. Because you don't need alot of time. You can work it however it works for you! It has been the biggest blessing, from giving me a purpose and passion again (I think I had kinda turned into robot, giving us an extra income, and new friends that I have met from my customers to other Scentsy Family consultants. I love my job!!!Hi!!